Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Updated ROM Monitor

Well, as you can see I haven't done much on this project for a while.

I recently started tinkering with it again and have done some coding on the ROM Monitor, TinkerBug. The version is now up to 1.6 and has a memory dump and a memory examine/change function. I have also started working on a version 2.0 in parallel which is basically a copy of 1.6 but modified to use an ACIA for console serial port rather then a PIA as a bit-banger console serial port. As you can tell, I'm planning the work for another board. It may get built before the IDE interface is done. The reason for that is that I'm running out of room in my little 1K ROM. The ACIA is much easier to work with and the code takes less room so I'll have more room for the IDE boot code.

More to come.